IT Recruiting For Full-Time

Hyatt Leader Ltd. was formed in 1996 to serve the needs of our clients’ contract-based IT staffing needs.

Hyatt Leader, Ltd.

Hyatt Leader, Ltd. was established in 1994 to serve the contract-based IT staffing needs of EDP World clients.

Hyatt Leader and EDP World’s recruiting teams leverage their respective specializations to expedite the recruitment process for our clients and provide a broad range of options for the placement of highly qualified individuals in short-term, long-term, temporary-to-full-time, per diem, and freelance/contract assignments in a wide range of industries spanning Fortune 500, mid-market, privately held and early stage/start-up companies.

Our Staffing Advantage

Our approach to identifying and assessing the right candidates for our clients’ IT contracting requirements is meticulous. With clients all over the nation, our recruiters are relentless in networking with their wide ranging relationships to successfully produce candidates on a consulting, try-buy, or project basis. Hyatt Leader, Ltd. is an experienced IT staffing agency that takes responsibility for the quality of candidates presented to clients by carefully assessing each potential contractor to ensure that their knowledge, skills, and work ethic align with the client’s expectations.

Hyatt Leader's highly seasoned Account Management team has deep relationships and experience working with all major VMO’s engaged by clients to facilitate the hiring process. In addition, we offer our clients an expedited contract management process as well as a background checking process.

Hyatt Leader also provides an array of services to support our consultants through the hiring and on-boarding stages, in addition to supporting our consultants during their employment. Our expertly managed contractor care process ensures that the client hires an IT Professional who is being well managed. Our dedicated payroll/benefits team ensures that all of our consultants' compensation needs are met. Hyatt Leader offers our consultants medical benefits, 401K plans, Direct Deposit and timely payment.

Employers: Please contact us for your contractor-based staffing needs.